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Study Handouts - Wednesday Worship 032923_James 2-1-13 outline 040223_James 2-14-26 outline
041223_James 3-1-12 outline 050323_James 4-13-17 Outline 051023_James 5-1-6 Outline 051723_James 5-7-12 Outline 052423_James 5-13-18 Outline 053123_James 5-19-20 Outline 060723_Power of Prayer Outline 061423_Prayer Outline 070523_Prayer Outline 071223_Prayer Outline 071923_Prayer Outline 072623_Prayer Outline 080223_Prayer Outline 080923_Moments with the Master Outline


081623_Moments with the Master Outline 082323_Moments with the Master Outline 083023_Moments with the Master Outline 090623_Moments with the Master Outline ﷯ 092723_The Prayer of Worship Outlinee